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Transforming manual business processes into automated processes

All those paper-based forms, documents and contracts will transform into powerful digital assets. 

Imagine how much effort you will save if your employees stop wasting time and money printing out, completing, signing, scanning and emailing forms. You can improve this process by introducing online forms that have built-in electronic signature capabilities. And all your information can be automatically recorded in a structured and secure way. 

This form of business process automation will help you ensure that each step in the process is carried out quickly and accurately. These processes are easier to monitor and adapt as the business changes and evolves.

Here are some key benefits that automated processes will bring to your company:

Boosting employee engagement

Within your software you can increase the effectiveness of future communications through analysis of current engagement and response data. You’ll get data to track messages, open rates and overall employee engagement. All in a straightforward, easy to use, flawlessly planned dashboard. Also with a good workflow management, there are no boundaries to productivity.

Two-way communication

The messaging feature enables interactive communication between employers and employees, including alerts with messages and notifications. Effectively push content and receive instant feedback to gain continual insights.

Effective managing and increase of effectiveness

There are a lot of features that can be part of your software or app that can tailor your content according to individual profiles, teams, departments, geographic locations, roles, functions, performance metrics and much more. Manage all remote workers tasks and send instructions, maps, calendars, documents directly to their devices.  Dynamically change plans and schedules with live sync straight to their devices.

Each industry needs a different business process automation, but this process can certainly improve every industry. Put your focus on all-in-one business application platform for your business, so you can better manage and measure remote worker activities and drive process improvement within each part of your business.

If you are thinking about starting your next big digital project be aware that getting a digital project off the ground by yourself can be challenging. With rare exceptions, digital projects rely on collaboration - for the simple reason that it is impossible to unite in one person all the skills needed to deliver a digital product. That is why we at Genera Development are here to help and guide you throughout the entire process.

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