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How small business can benefit from digital marketing

The future, regarding digital technology, is based on the small devices you carry in your pocket. If people on average spend 3 hours per day on a mobile phone, and they have at least 20 mobile apps installed, (according to recent studies) then you should appear on those apps, and show the best of the product. 

Digital Marketing is no longer reserved for large corporations and businesses. Every business that understands the need of any kind of marketing, should know the importance of being present on all digital channels. From boosting customer loyalty, to making a brand image, small businesses should seriously think about integrated marketing campaigns for promoting their products or services. Your business must be more accessible, quick and provide quality services. It doesn't matter if you are a small caffe, bookstore, or huge bank, there's still the local competition.

There are a lot of reasons why a small business should have a digital marketing strategy, but here are the top 3 most beneficial ones. 

Creating brand loyalty and engagement with customers

Digital marketing is the most cost-effective way to market your business. You can keep your customers interested, and drive attention toward unique content such as videos, blog posts and interesting pictures. You can engage them through email marketing, webinars, and loyalty programs. That way you can get repeat customers, motivated to use your services, or buy your goods on a regular basis.

It helps your business keep in sight

The huge amount of information every day makes people forget the existence of some services, goods, or companies even after one day. So, even if someone uses your services, or buys your goods, they may easily forget about your company a day later. Yet, with a well targeted ad on social media (which also has your logo on it), your business will always stay in their sight. With that, they are going to use your services even more often!

Data-driven marketing and decisions through mobile automation

Your social media pages can become a source of useful information about preferences and typical behavioral patterns of your customers. You can make future decisions for your business based on the experience, and the background of your buyers.    

Knowing how much time we spend staring at the mobile and desktop screens on a daily basis, it is not a surprise that digital marketing gained such popularity. Moreover, the results are measurable, and it is more than obvious that having a digital marketing strategy can be utterly beneficial. Think about this – Can you name 3 services you use on a daily basis that don't have Facebook or Instagram pages? Do you still doubt the importance of it? If you don't, check out our marketing services on Genera development and contact us for a FREE consultation with our digital marketing experts!

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